About the Happiness Foundation

Detailed introduction to the vision
and the work of the Happiness Foundation.

Our Vision

The Foundation is committed to making positive social changes by developing creative and sustainable business models.

What We Do

We pinpoint and develop solutions for small but important problems that have been neglected from innovation and build optimal problem-solving models through a series of carefully planned experimentation.

How We Work

We analyze, define,
and solve social issues

We challenge ourselves
to solve social issues by
becoming innovators.

We constantly grow
to solve social issues in
more innovative ways.

Current post
Kee-won Chey
President of The Happiness Foundation
Management (Title, Name, Current post)
Director Kyo-tae Kim CEO of Samjong KPMG
Director Dae-il Kim Professor of Department of Economics, Seoul National University
Director Dong-seop Ji Chairman of the SV Promotion Committee,
SUPEX Council SK Group
Director Bong-ju Lee Dean of the College of Social Sciences, Seoul National University
Director Pil-jin Yi Professor, School of Physics String Theory, KIAS
Cheol-hyung Yu
Attorney at BAE, KIM & LEE LLC