Sunny, which has grown into a test ground of social change, provides advanced programs for a small number of young talents. It supports them to become the main actors in solving social issues.

Sunny Business Model

To go beyond being “the oldest and largest university student volunteer group in Korea”, Sunny starts new educational programs for young talents. Sunny Scholar is the sandbox for young people who want to create solutions to social issues. It aims to support young generation to grow into the main actors in solving social issues, by defining rigorously what the issues are, and building up actual experi-ences in the field.

Sunny Global is an incubator for multinational youth who want to solve real-world social issues. It aims to organize non-profit startups to ensure sustainable solutions to global social issues. In addition to these programs, Sunny Family, Sunny Vietnam and Sunny China support young people with various trainings and projects, for them to pursue the happiness themselves as well as to grow into talents who can change the society.