SK NEW SCHOOL, a "real school that teaches real careers," is a youth independence program, where young people can grow into healthy members of society as young professionals.

SK NEW SCHOOL Departments

SK NEW SCHOOL supports young people who strive for self-development, so that they can be independent as professionals and become indispensible members for our society. In collaboration with the top experts in Korea, SK NEW SCHOOL is devoted to foster young talents with fine personality and professionalism, by nurturing solid basics, having hands-on trainings as well as boosting passion for life.

The current majors are Culinary Arts, Foodservice Management, MD(Merchandising), Information Security, Auto-mobile Sheet Metal and Painting. Tution is completely free. To enhance the quality of learning, we focus on one-on-one or small group training. Since 2008, 609 graduates have started their careers, and the average em-ployment rate as of 2021 is 97%.
SK NEW SCHOOL nurtures talents necessary for the industry, through on-site training thanks to the collaboration network in each industry. We help young people grow into professionals who appreciate the value of work and think about the “career” from various perspectives. SK NEW SCHOOL is where young people in their 20s with boundless potential grow into outstanding talents in the field, through practical education.