The Happiness Foundation

Our Philosophy

The Happiness Foundation provides the opportunities to grow for those who want to shape their own future. We therefore continue to develop and promote creative and sustainable social contribution models based on the belief that we can innovate the ways of sharing.

[Mission] We provide opportunities to grow for the people who strive to build the future on their own. [Vision] We are dedicated to create social contributions, specialized in developing and expanding creative & sustainable business models. [Business Objectives] Expanding our impact by discovering, nurturing and engaging with talented individuals who will lead positive social changes. Developing innovative social enterprise models to efficiently address social issues


The corporate identity is designed based on mathematical sign of division(÷). It symbolizes the concept of sharing joy and happiness, and our devotion to be the medium of sharing. Our CI - the circle that rises, expands, and deepens - stands for the Foundation's philosophy that happiness multiplies and gets bigger when shared.

  • Watermark (Korean) Image

    Watermark (Korean) Image

  • 공간구성(국문) 이미지

    Configuration (Korean) Image

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    Watermark (English) Image

  • 공간구성(영문) 이미지

    Configuration (English) Image

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