• 2017.12

    Established Educators’ Network for Social Innovation and hosted its first Conference

  • 2017.11

    Hosted 2017 Happy Alliance party

  • 2017.7

    Made impact investment in Todo Works

  • 2017.6

    Received a Presidential Citation for contributing to social enterprise developments, by the Ministry of Employment and Labor

  • 2017.4

    2017 LOOKIE 비전선포식 사진

    Launched its youth social innovator group LOOKIE


    Happy Meal-box launched group ordering service THE Happy Meal-box

  • 2017.2

    Established Happy After School, a social cooperative

  • 2017.2

    The 3rd KAIST Social Entrepreneurship MBA Commencement

  • 2017.2

    사회혁신가 네트워킹 플랫폼 'Social Innovators Table' 사업 개시 사진

    Launched its social innovator networking platform Social Innovators Table

  • 2017.1

    Webzine HappyAnd awarded the 2016 & Award Grand Prix


  • 2016.12

    Happy Alliance rolled out a campaign titled The Longest Written Agreement in the World

  • 2016.12

    SUNNY awarded the Minister's Award at the Korean Education Donation Awards

  • 2016.12

    Executed Impact Investment on social cooperative, Small Cinema

  • 2016.11

    Launched social contribution platform Happy Alliance

  • 2016.11

    The Happy Foundation's 2015 Annual Report awarded the Gold Prize of the U.S. LACP Spotlight Awards

  • 2016.8

    Held the Foundation's 10th Anniversary Conference titled The Social Innovators

  • 2016.8

    Opened the 1st Happy Meal-box Plus Center

  • 2016.7

    Held the 4th IR Camp

  • 2016.3

    Integration of Happy ICT and Happy Web & Media

  • 2016.3

    Happy Meal-box signed an MOU for public meal-box provision policy with the City of Seoul

  • 2016.2

    The 2nd KAIST Social Entrepreneurship MBA Commencement


  • 2015.12

    SUNNY received a citation from superintendent of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education

  • 2015.12

    Ulsan Happy After School received the first Best Social Enterprise Award from the Citizens' Coalition for Economic Justice(CCEJ)

  • 2015.11

    Happy Meal-box signed MOUs for policies on improving meals for children in Seodaemun-gu, Eunpyeong-gu, Mapo-gu, and Seongdong-gu in Seoul

  • 2015.8

    Held the 2nd & 3rd IR Camp

  • 2015.8

    Happy Meal-box developed 26 new menus for public meal provisions

  • 2015.8

    Launched online magazine HappyAnd

  • 2015.5

    SUNNY held the 3rd Global Happinnovator Contest

  • 2015.5

    Held the 1st and the 2nd Se-sang Impact Investment Exposition

  • 2015.3

    SK Social Entrepreneurship Center published series on guide to social economics

  • 2015.2

    The 1st KAIST Social Entrepreneurship MBA Commencement

  • 2015.2

    Happy F&C Foundation participated in Madrid Fusion 2015

  • 2015.1

    Daegu Happy Future Foundation opened youth career and education center Education Space Mirae


  • 2014

    Established Happy Together

  • 2014.12

    SUNNY received the Minister's Award at 2014 Volunteer Awards by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety

  • 2014.11

    Held the 1st IR Camp

  • 2014.11

    Reorganized SK Happy School to SK New School

  • 2014.7

    SUNNY selected as top program for Win-Win Management Award

  • 2014.7

    전통 리조트 '구름에' 전경사진

    Happy Traditional Village opened an old house-themed resort Gurume


    Happy Narae Co. awarded the President's citation

  • 2014.6

    SUNNY awarded the Best Volunteer Award at CSR Forum in China

  • 2014.6

    Held the 10th Se-sang Social Enterprise Contest

  • 2014.5

    SUNNY held the 2nd Happinnovator Contest

  • 2014.2

    SUNNY held 2014 Global Happinnovator Camp

  • 2014.1

    Established Wooran Foundation, a social contribution foundation by performance and culture


  • 2013

    Established SK Happiness Charity Fund in Beijing, China

  • 2013

    Happy Traditional Village received the Minister's Award from of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

  • 2013

    Received the Governor's citation from North Gyeongsang Province for the contribution to social economy revitalization

  • 2013.12

    SUNNY received the Minister's Award at the 2nd Korean Education Donation Awards hosted by the Ministry of Education

  • 2013.12

    Conducted Impact Investments based on social values

  • 2013.8

    SUNNY held the 1st Happinnovator Contest

  • 2013.7

    Held the 8th and 9th Se-sang Social Enterprise Contest

  • 2013.7

    SK Happy Cooking School certified as a lifelong learning center

  • 2013.4

    Held the 4th Appropriate Technology Social Enterprise Festival

  • 2013.4

    Established Happy Ecophone


  • 2012

    Started full-day curriculum at SK Happy School

  • 2012

    Opened Project Box SEEYA

  • 2012.11

    Established social cooperative Happy Meal-box

  • 2012.11

    Seoul Happy After School awarded the Grand Prize at After School Contents Fair hosted by the Ministry of Education

  • 2012.10

    Opened SK Social Entrepreneurship Center

  • 2012.6

    Held the 6th and 7th Se-sang Social Enterprise Contest

  • 2012.6

    Established Happy Traditional Village, Happy F&C Foundation, and Daegu Happy Future Foundation

  • 2012.5

    Launched KAIST Social Entrepreneurship MBA program

  • 2012.5

    Held the 3rd Appropriate Technology Social Enterprise Festival

  • 2012.5

    Held the 5th Se-sang Social Enterprise School

  • 2012.4

    Opened O’neul the Korean cuisine

  • 2012.3

    Launched social enterprise Happy Narae Co.


  • 2011.12

    Received the Presidential Award by the Ministry of Justice for the contribution in establishing social enterprises

  • 2011.12

    Renewed The Happiness Foundation CI and all its offices moved to one building

  • 2011.11

    Produced musical Zorro as a part of performance culture program

  • 2011.6

    Established Happy ICT, Happy Green Recycling, Happy Farm, Happy New Life, Happy Library, and Happy Web & Media

  • 2011.5

    Held the 3rd and the 4th Se-sang Social Enterprise School

  • 2011.5

    Held the 4th and the 5th Se-sang Social Enterprise Contest

  • 2011.3

    Established Happy After School in Daegu and Ulsan

  • 2011.2

    Held the 1st Appropriate Technology Social Enterprise Festival


  • 2010.9

    Launched SUNNY China

  • 2010.6

    Held the 1st and the 2nd Se-sang Social Enterprise School

  • 2010.4

    Established social enterprise unit

  • 2010.2

    Held the 1st Se-sang Social Enterprise Contest

  • 2010.2

    Established Happy After School in Seoul and Busan


  • 2009.12

    SUNNY received the Presidential Award at the 1st Korea Human Awards by the Ministry of Health & Welfare

  • 2009.11.

    Launched website for social enterprises, Se-sang

  • 2009.10

    Expanded SK Happy School to include musical, music and automobile

  • 2009.9

    Held SK employee-based small donation campaign SK Happiness Sharing Night

  • 2009.2

    Kee-won Chey was appointed as the 3rd president

  • 2009.1

    Launched SK Start-up Academy for Social Entrepreneurs


  • 2008.12

    Received the Prime Minister's Award for contribution to fostering social enterprises

  • 2008.8

    Happy Meal-box received a citation by the Ministry of Health and Welfare

  • 2008.3

    Launched youth independence program SK Happy Cooking School

  • 2008.2

    Shin-bae Kim was appointed as the 2nd president

~ 2007년

  • 2007.7

    Happy Meal-box received the first prize at the 1st Exposition for Best Practice in Public-Private Cooperation by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs

  • 2007.1

    Operated SK youth volunteer group SUNNY executive office

  • 2006.6

    Jung-nam Cho was appointed as the 1st president of The Happiness Foundation at its inaugural assembly

  • 2006.2

    Opened the 1st Happy Meal-box center

  • 2005.1

    Signed an MOU to initiate project to provide meal-boxes to underprivileged

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